Commerical & Industrial Supply

Our company specializes in supplying commercial and industrial projects with top-tier wood recycling services, providing sustainable solutions and premium mulch products tailored to your specific needs.

Wood Recycling

Through our wood recycling process, we regenerate discarded wood into premium mulch, fostering sustainable practices and rejuvenating landscapes with eco-friendly solutions.

Amended Soils for your Big Jobs

Guers Topsoil & Mulch, LLC believes in providing the best amended soils to enhance water retention basins by improving their capacity to absorb and retain moisture, resulting in effective water management and ecological restoration.

Our amended soils contribute to optimal turf growth by providing a nutrient-rich environment and fostering healthy root development, resulting in lush and resilient turf surfaces.

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For your Small Jobs

Whether your goal is to have the best vegetable garden in the neighborhood, the softest playground on the block, or you're creating a centerpiece for your office entrance, Guers Topsoil & Mulch, LLC delivers the best organic matter as the foundation for your project.

We sell to wholesale and retail customers, and offer delivery or pick up at our retail location. Our staff will be more than happy to walk you through the yard or assist you with materials for your project.

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Garden Care

Conserve moisture and improve the health of your soil with our quality topsoils and mulch. We offer Red, Black, and a variety of Brown mulches and topsoil mixes for all your lawncare and garden needs.


Transform your landscaping with our beautiful stones from the Delaware, Pocono, and Susquehanna Rivers.

Our Services

In addition to quality mulch, topsoil, and stone we offer a variety of services trucking and hauling services.

Amended Soils

Our amended soils stand out for their exceptional quality, meticulously crafted to optimize water retention and promote vigorous plant growth in any environment.

Mulch & Wood Recycling

Our mulch and wood recycling services offer eco-friendly solutions, transforming waste into premium products for sustainable landscaping practices.

Landscape and Garden Supply

At our landscape and garden supply center, we offer a diverse range of top-quality products to meet all your gardening and landscaping needs.

Products Options

We have a variety of products options. Browse below to find the one right for you or give us a call and we'll be happy to help you find what you need. All of our mulches are certified and inspected to be Spotted Lanternfly-free!

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